Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

My brother's mystical world


"Long before our time, 

when gods walked the earth,

a pact was sealed to mark a new era.

As the years pass, the memory fades…"


1. Yes, in fact my little brother is a great artist

2. He is currently promoting his very first graphic novel

3. You'll find some pictures here on my blog to get an idea of his work

4. And you'll find much more info on the BLACK-IDOL-BLOG or on 

You are welcome here today in his world of exciting characters ...

... thrilling stories ...

... whimsical cities ...

... dangerous adversaries ...

... and an embrace adventure in my brother's mystical world ...



  1. Tolle fantasievolle Fotos! Deine Häuser im vorherigen Post gefallen auch richtig gut, wie kommentiert.
    LG Anja
    Ps: nur die blogger Wortverification nervt gewaltig.

  2. Very awesome for your brother! Gorgeous art and such creative talent!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my word, what amazing fantastical work! He is indeed an incredibly talented artist. I am in awe! :0)


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