Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

Don Justo's Cathedral

Did you ever hear about Don Justo and his cathedral
 The story is probably worldwide unique and about Justo Gallego Martínez (also known as Don Justo, currently at the age of 87) a former monk who has been erecting a cathedral all alone in Mejorada del Campo (near Madrid, Spain) since 1961.

I heard about him around five years ago and I have visited this amazing, creative man in autumn 2011 when my husband and me went to Madrid (Spain) for a few days.

I have been overwhelmed by what I saw in Mejorada del Campo. Overwhelmed because of the firm faith and the incredible creativity of this trustful man as well as of his talent for improvisation beyond words.

The only architectural plan which exists since 51 years is a one-page-drawing of his dream. With regard to the construction he only followed his heart.
... and this was the construction status in autumn 2011.

My husband and me reverently entered the marvel of construction ...

... and we discovered the touching mural painting ...

... and Don Justo himself climbing on a wobbly wood at a dizzy height ...

... and we saw the old newspaper articles ...

... and his silent corner
... and a place for meditation for the church visitors ...

... we discovered also his "studio", where he creates his multicoloured glass windows ...

... and a round bay with figures of saints ...

... and somebody who found in fact a peaceful place to rest ...

... I tell you, there is much more to discover and I will probably return one day because I was so impressed of so much creativity.

You'll find here  also a film documentation about Don Justo and his cathedral and perhaps you are going to visit him some day as well.



  1. wow...i had not heard of Don Justo until now. this is really amazing. he is so dedicated!

  2. Fantastic photography and what a beautiful place ~ great post ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. thanks for sharing these beautiful photos...Spain happens to be on my bucket list!

  4. Das sind ja toll Fotos, hab davon auch noch nie gehört, aber sieht sehr beeindruckend und kreativ aus.
    Ich wünsch Dir schon mal ein schönes WE,
    lG Anja


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