Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

Schöne Tage!

 Dear Jenn, Dear Alexandra,

Thank you very much to both of you for hosting the wonderful APR and the great Sunday Sketches. I had so much fun within the last six month to attend this awesome challenge each weekend and I found so many wonderful artists in your group inspiring me each and every day! Your great engagement opened a door to new and enriching possibilities and I am grateful to have it on mine!

Dear Tracey,

Thank you very much to you as well since you where the one leading me to APR and the Sunday Sketches! Beside I always enjoy your posting and often watch your blog while having breakfast what makes the start into the day so much better!

Yes, I know, this weeks APR theme was a still life but the only still life I can offer today is a messy still life on my working desk. Lots of magazine papers, scissors, pens, glue and so on ...
 I rather wanted to clean my desk yesterday evening to have free working space for a proper still life but than I suddenly had the idea to make a collage out of the papers and I couldn't resist.

 Therefore I made two greeting cards for you, dear ladies to express my joy and send my best wishes to you for a happy and productive December!

I'm looking forward to the forthcoming challenges!




  1. Das ist eine tolle Idee, wenn ich darf, werde ich die bestimmt mal versuchen, hab nämlich inzwischen arge Probleme mit den "normalen" Weihnachtskarten.
    Schade dass Du die Sachen noch gar nie im Forum gezeigt hast. Ich weiss gar nicht recht, bist Du dabei oder nicht?*g*
    Danke für Deine lieben Geb. Grüße,
    schönes WE. Wir feiern gleich beim Sohn, ich werde verwöhnt und muss mich um nix kümmern.
    LG Anja

  2. Awe, I love this! What a sweet post - and your cards are so COOL! Great ideas and thank you for your sweet visit, xo!

  3. thanks so much for entering and being so loyal through all the APR's. the cards you made are brilliant and I love the christmas trees, so creative. Have a lovely Christmas Stephanie.

  4. Cute cards!!
    APR is such a wonderful group of people!! :)

  5. That's really creative art.
    Wonderful piece of Work ..
    This reminds my childhood days
    when I used to make such scraps like this.
    Anyways, take a look at my collection ..

  6. Oh how sweet and nice of you! Those cards are so pretty!

  7. It's amazing what you can do with a little paper, pens, and glue. Merry Christmas!

  8. wonderfull!! I so love the way you interpreted the still Life prompt. Now you've inspired me to consider some Christmas cards with my immense collection of scraps.

  9. I LOVE your collages, they inspire me!

  10. Marvelous holiday creations ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  11. Wonderful, original and very festive, lovely!

  12. Gorgeous work...wonderful and whimsical!

  13. Thanks for sharing your process...they are quite elegant in their charm!

  14. I am totally awfully late getting here to comment and thank you for the kind words... the cards are awesome... and I have to say that it has been a pleasure finding your blog this year... and the cards are freaking awesome... why didn't I think of that...xx

  15. These cards are terrific, love the first one with the colourful trees, what a good idea.


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