Sonntag, 30. September 2012

A visitor in my livingroom

Sometimes, I find it very enlightening to play a little game with myself. I call it: “Being on a visit with myself”. Because if I am too busy with my everyday hassle, my work and tons of requests from other people, then I very often come to a point where I feel being far, so far away from myself. I remember this kind, dark-haired lady I meet in the mirror of my bathroom every morning only very nebulous, similar to a distant acquaintance I didn’t see for a long time.
And then I know it is time to have a closer look at this distant lady. I have to check if she’s well and I am going to visit her.

Today I visited her living room. – Oh well, … what for heaven’s sake is she doing with that big, huge, brown paperboard container in the middle of the living room? - Ah … this is her son’s birthday present. New bicycle tires.
And what does she plan with that long rolled carpet beside the huge box?
I see, … she wants to put it on the floor of her new basement studio but before to do so, she has to clean the floor. Next there is a very pretty illustrated calendar on her shelf in the living room showing a beautiful, breathtaking view of the Alps but the date shows still the 17 September.
Well sometimes it would be nice if time could stop for a few days.

And what’s that? A bottle with blue anti-freeze in it? Who put it on the middle of the table? – Well I see, the lady is apparently expecting the first frost very soon and she has to prepare her car.
But look here! Look at this cute little hedgehog beside the flower vase close to the pumpkin on the lady’s living room table.
Is it perhaps another visitor who would like to know how I feel today

Many thanks to this weeks Sunday Sketches for a new great opportunity and a good start tomorrow into the coming week to all of you!


Montag, 24. September 2012

Falling Star - Draft No.1

Many, many thanks to the Sunday Sketches this week and the Artist's Play Room (APR) I also found via Tracey Fletcher King as both challenges took me back to the lovely artist’s side of life because otherwise I might have gone lost in my to-do’s and all these friendly kind of reminders wanting me to become a superduper perfect housewife and an intelligent and super effective PA to my boss in my payed job.

Fortunately I remembered that there are not only to-do lists, shopping lists, lists of deficiencies and a busy outlook calendar with thousand’s of automatic reminders in my life but also the most important list which should definitely be my wish-list.
I found that list on Saturday when I did my housekeeping work and together with this list I found an old newspaper article dated in August announcing a lot of falling stars in the sky for the forthcoming night. (In Germany we say you have a wish for free for each falling star – I assume it’s similar in the USA and Australia?)
Well, I also remember that I was properly prepared for that special night in August sitting on the couch with my most important list and waiting for the stroke of the clock at three in the night when the falling stars were expected to appear and I would hopefully have a lot of wishes for free.

I am sure you can imagine what happened … I fell asleep on the couch and missed this rare opportunity of having a hundred (or so) wishes for free …
So you’ll find attached only a picture of one of my favourite dreams.

... Oh no!!! ... it can't be true ... I am too late for the Sunday Sketches ... Linky Widget expiration was: 6.5 hours ago. 


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