Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

Looking at the past

Take a little walk with me and have a "look at the past" in a little German town called Bamberg my husband and I visited last summer. Yes, you are right, I have started another one of my new year resolutions. I have started "to sort all the pictures" I took last year.

Bamberg is such a beautiful town with so many beautiful buildings from the past and so many details to look at and in fact I am so happy again about the invention of the camera.
Because now during all these dark and cold January days, the pictures I took last summer take me back to the past where I spent beautiful hours and while sorting them I like it so much to remember these beautiful summer-events again and again.

... and it seems to be as well a little bit like looking at the past from a bird's view ...
However ... remembering summer events is perfect for me in winter :)



  1. Wow, Stephanie, these pictures are great! All those lines in the architecture are so interesting... it begs to be painted. You are a great photographer, btw!

  2. I made a cup of tea and had a good old catch up with all you have been up to... loved the photos and the painting in the last posts especially... and the snowy winter photos actually meant I felt cool for just a minute... so lovely...xx


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