Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

Resolution Number Three

Oh yes, I am so proud again this evening because I made it - I have really done it! I have finished this very old knitting I started years ago ... 
Do you remember my new-year-resolution list?
I have mentioned that knitting on the list as well but I couldn't imagine that I would do it with this speed.
So I assume I owe you, yes I owe all of you who stop by at my blog sometimes, this motivation and I therefore would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for surrounding me!

(this picture shows the state of the knitting for the last five years at least and how I have presented it on the resolution list)

Well there is only one little problem now. The cushion looks beautiful and I am so happy, even more because my husband likes it too ... but ... my husband mentioned that we need a second one of this "stylish cushion" to keep the balance ... he said one of this cushions is not enough ... so ... shall I really start the same action again?
And do you think, the second one will appear once more on my 2014 resolution list?????




  1. this is really pretty! i wish i knew how to knit...well, i can knit. but i only make long scarves! that's all i know how to do. no patterns...just long straight scarves :)

  2. Lovely pillow, great knitting. Yes, you need another one. Get busy :-)


  3. I LOVE the blue in your cable knit pillow, and glad to hear you continue to achieve your resolutions. I'm also impressed with your knitting skills. Blessings!


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