Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

Resolution Number Two

Today I proudly present an acrylic on canvas painting and thus I have finished my second new-year-resolution. Perhaps you remember that I promised myself at the beginning of the new year to finish a lot of things I began weeks, months and years ago  but have never finished up to now.

Well, here you see now another canvas from the hundred or so blanc canvas I have collected over years.
 Unfortunately it is so difficult currently to take proper photographs because the winter light outside is still dark and misty. More than ever I therefore need colorful paintings.
 I will link this to Jen's APR and I very much hope that it matches this week's theme LOVE, CHOCOLATE, ROSES and VALENTINES!!  
Please note that my main-supply during the painting process was a lot of CHOCOLATE, that I LOVED it to play with the colors, that I was not able to paint a ROSE and that I finished the bunch of flowers early enough for VALENTINE's day!  

Und heute präsentiere ich stolz mein Acryl auf Canvas Bild und habe damit gleichzeitig meinen zweiten guten Neu-Jahr's-Vorsatz erfüllt. Vielleicht erinnert sich ja der oder die eine oder andere, daß ich mir selber zum Jahresbeginn versprochen hatte, eine ganze Menge angefangener und unfertiger Sachen endlich zu Ende zu bringen bzw. sie dieses Jahr zu vollenden.

Hier also nun endlich eine fertig bemalte Leinwand von den ungefähr hundert leeren und jungfräulich weißen Leinwänden, die ich in den letzten Jahren gesammelt habe.
  Leider finde ich es im Moment sehr schwer, schöne Fotos von den Kunstwerken für den Blog zu machen, da das Winter-Licht draußen, geschweige denn das Licht drinnen, immer noch sehr duster und trübe ist.
 Um so mehr brauche ich meinen Pinsel und die bunten Farben.
  Ich werde den post zu Jen's APR verlinken und ich hoffe, er passt noch irgendwie zum Thema von dieser Woche, das da lautete: LIEBE, SCHOKOLADE, ROSEN und VALENTIN.
 Ich bitte hierzu um Kenntnisnahme, daß mein Malmaterial in erster Linie aus einer Menge SCHOKOLADE bestand, daß ich es GELIEBT habe, mich mit den Farben auszutoben, daß ich nicht in der Lage war, eine ROSE zu zeichnen und daß ich pünktlich zum VALENTINstag mit dem "Blumenstrauß" fertig geworden bin.

In diesem Sinne ein erholsames Wochenende!
Enjoy the weekend!



  1. This is fabulous, so much work in there. Your colours are gorgeous. I love it, just perfect for Valentines.

  2. you did such a great job with the painting, it's always great when you finish stuff even if it's years later and especially gratifying if you complete a new year's resolution. you DESERVE that chocolate after all that completing, lol. Good job.

  3. This is stunning... and I love the colours... I can only imagine how gorgeous it looks in real life... and chocolate does make it all a bit easier doesn't it ... love that you are getting through your resolution list...xx

  4. Beautiful flowers, truly awesome!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  5. Beautiful bright colours and design, makes me think of a William Morris design. Lovely flowers, and so unusual.

  6. So colorful. This would make a wonderful textile/fabric. Have you heard of Spoonflower? They can print artworks onto fabric. You might like the site. I don't have the link but of course you can Google it.


  7. Wunderschöne Malerei, wäre schön, wenn Du uns mal wieder was zeigst:-)
    Schönes WE, lG Anja

  8. this is amazing AND inspiring. I too have learned [and am practising] finishing or completing, as the case may BE. also, as I continue to pare down and Let Go of "things" I am finding myself able to accept some things I started [and even some I finished] I can Now Let Go completely.

    actually, I have been working daily for the past 2 weeks on some mixed media giraffes for The Year of the Giraffe with Carla Sonheim. it has been a peculiar yet wondrous experience to little bit by little bit work on them. I have 5 on long strips of sanded ply and 3 heads on canvas boards I collaged plus a bunch of other Giraffe Heads, 2 done for Mail Me Some Art and others I've been using to doodle [it's NOT zentangle, really, just doodling and colouring] and paint.

    completing things is often less about finishing and more about discovering what happens if and when I take the time to allow things to show themselves to me.


  9. I love seeing how you have progressed and the satisfaction you got from finishing. It calls for a chocolate celebration...or a painting all night long celebration!

  10. A beautiful and well-balanced painting! :)

  11. I'm so impressed Stephanie that you are ticking your resolution list and what a good job because that is a beautiful painting.
    The colours and detail are stunning. Perfect for Valentine's Day.
    Apologies for being such a late visitor but I'm so glad I managed to see your work...thanks for sharing. :D

    1. I'm back Stephanie,
      I hopefully will be giving you some good news and possibly lots of new followers because I've been awarded a Liebster award not once but twice this week and I have to nominate 5 blogs to pass it on to...and I've chosen you as one of my 5. If you nip over to me you'll see all of the details there.
      I hope you'll accept??!?! :D


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