Samstag, 9. März 2013

2nd Whimsical Exercise

First of all, please apologize that I didn't reply to some of you who left these lovely comments on my last post. Thank you very much! My day job in the office, the laundry, the cooking and the cleaning and all these things I need to do to keep life going on requires so much time at the moment. I really wish I could create not only some pictures but also some extra hours ...
 I will take a little blog break next week and visit all of you!
However ... I fortunately found three hours to do my second exercise with regard to Alisa's "Whimsical Online Class" I am currently attending. The online class is wonderful and incredible inspiring and I made this collage from my old beloved watercolor papers.
I will also link this post to Jen's APR this week.  
Jen wants to know: What do we treasure? What things are important to us?
Well, amongst others I treasure my colors and I treasure the little old towns we have here in Germany ( I have already collected million of photos of these cute little old towns) and so this is led to my personal contribution this week.

P.S. Oh yes, I will also link this post to Alexandra's Sunday Sketches.

Nachdem ich es vergangene Woche nicht geschafft habe, allen zu antworten, die so nette Kommentare auf meinen letzten Post geschrieben haben, bitte ich hiermit um Entschuldigung und bedanke mich ganz herzlich.
Mein Job im Büro tagsüber, die Wäsche, Kochen, sauber machen and all der Kram, der Haushaltstechnisch halt immer mal gemacht werden muß, war letzte Woche irgendwie sehr zeitaufwendig. Wirklich, ich wünschte, ich könnte nicht nur Bilder sondern auch ab und zu noch ein paar Extra-Stunden hervorbringen.
 Nächste Woche werde ich eine Blogpause machen und Euch alle besuchen! 
So weit so gut. Erfreulicherweise habe ich diese Woche auch drei Stunden gefunden, um meine zweite Übung im Hinblick auf Alisa's "Whimsical Online Class" auszuprobieren, an der ich grade teilnehme. Diese Online Class ist wundervoll und wirklich enorm inspirierend und so habe ich total inspiriert diese Collage aus meinen geliebten, alten Wasserfarb-Papieren gemacht.
Ich werde diesen Post auch zu Jen's APR verlinken.  
Jen möchte diese Woche wissen: Was wir schätzen und aufbewahren und welche Dinge uns wichtig sind.
Ich gestehe, es gibt da enorm viel bei mir, was ich schätze und sammle, ja vor allem sammle. Unter anderem liebe ich meine Farben, meine alten Wasserfarb-Papiere und ich liebe diese putzigen, kleinen, alten Städte von denen wir hier in Deutschland eine ganze Menge haben (in meinem Photo-Fundus befinden sich inzwischen mindestens Millionen Photos davon). Und das wiederum führte zu meinem persönlichen kreativen Beitrag diese Woche.

P.S. Oh ja klar, ich werde diesen Post auch zu Alexandra's Sunday Sketches verlinken.

Und ich wünsche ein schönes Wochenende!
Enjoy the weekend!



  1. I loVe these little houses! I agree colour is something to treasure, and there never seems enough hours in the day to be creative, I too have a full time job so struggle to fit the joyful things of life in! Did you draw the swirls or were they on the paper? However you did it I like the effect it gives. I have never tried an online class but this sounds a very nspiring class I shall have a look . :)

  2. This is such a beautiful piece Stefanie with so much to look at. There is obviously a lot of hard work gone into it. I'm glad you found the treasured time to fit it in. The colours & patterns & swirls are wonderful. :0) Mo

  3. This is a lovely way to use up your papers, and it suits your style well... I do like that you give us some close ups so we can see how it all fits together and we can see that line work... so neat!!!

  4. This page is wonderful. So happy and free.

  5. Brilliant colours and lovely lollipop houses:)

  6. I think you and I have been to the same little village. Love your bright, happy houses, they are wonderful!

  7. Your art is absolutely FABulous! I LOVE LOVE your style. How do you do your art and what medium do you use? :) Thank you for joining us.

  8. Love this. Really loving those bright colours. :)

  9. Such fun - the rooftops are amazing!

    Don't worry about getting around every blog that comments on yours - it puts us under too much pressure with everything else - take care of you!

  10. Lovely old towns! Love the color you have added to these wonderful sketches

  11. What a fantastic piece. I love all the colours and yes colours are a treasure. Such gorgeous little houses.

  12. Stunning work Stephanie...the little houses are exquisite.
    I love the way you zoom in on the photos so that we can really appreciate your workmanship! Beautiful ;D
    It's such a bright and colourful piece and shows your love of the subject matter.
    I can also relate to the time issues and that's why I didn't get to enter APR last week. Hopefully I'll do better this week. :D

  13. Liebe Stephanie,
    Deine Bilder sind sehr schön,
    sie sprechen mich sehr an - besonders die Häuser.
    Liebe Grüße

  14. You paint "whimsical" in a wonderful way. I enjoyed looking and for some reason especially liked the clock.


  15. This collage makes me happy. When I was little I convince me mother to buy me a needlework kit that was of this happy little town in a similar vein. Of course, it was way too complicated for me, but I loved to pull it out and look at the picture of what it supposed to look like. I love how all the buildings in your collage are squeezing in together like a happy group posing for a photograph!

  16. I adore this! Your work is so whimsical and the colours are wonderful! I worked in Munich for one summer many years ago and loved it. We visited Garmisch when we were there and it was so beautiful. I've been to a few other German towns over the years and I have to say it is one of my very favourite countries!

  17. OH I love, love love these too! Missed it a few weeks ago. Love the Spanish dancers in the post above as well. You are the queen of whimsy in my books right now:-)

  18. Love this one :D So colorful! a Beauty


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