Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

3rd Whimsical Exercise

As you can see, I am still sketching my whimsical exercises with a lot of hot inspiration I got from Alisa Burke's whimsical online class while it is still bitterly cold here. I am suffering from an awful cold and can't think of anything else than of the sun!

Wie man hier sehen kann, mache ich immer noch brav meine "Whimsical-Übungen". Die heißen Inspirationen kommen mir nach wie vor während der schönen Lektionen von Alisa Burke's online class.
Hier bei uns ist es dagegen immer noch zum Fürchten kalt. Ich habe außerdem eine schauerliche Erkältung und kann derzeit an nichts Anderes als an die Sonne denken ... 

P.S. I will  also link it to Jenn's APR. "What do you overlook?" is this weeks theme and what I really overlook very often are all the things I have done! 
Instead of beeing proud about all these little tasks I have finished, I am always lamenting about all the to do's I didn't do ... isn't that stupid somehow?
So this week I did my 3rd whimsical exercise, I did some knitting too, I went to the office and did my work, I cooked a meal every evening for my family, I did the laundry, I watered the flowers ... and oh yes, I sorted some holiday photographs as well ... and I am sure you also did a lot this week !!! So you all have deserved a lovely weekend!!!



  1. I love, love, love your whimsical piece on Mexico. The color scheme is fantastic, the burro's expression is priceless, and the design is very clever. Blessings!

  2. What a fun painting. I love all the patterns you worked into the details. And I tend to do the same thing, overlooking what I managed to get done, but focusing on all that I didn't do! I used to be more of a to do list person and I would always start with things I had already done so I could cross something off!!

  3. I really enjoyed your whimsical, the blue cactuses, the sombrero, the bell at the gateway, in fact every little detail, particularly on the figure and his clothes. I can even feel the baking sun, which is good because it's also very cold here, with snow yet again in the UK.


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