Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

Beloved little houses

Wende Dein Gesicht der Sonne zu, dann fallen die Schatten hinter dich.
(aus Afrika)

Es war aber nicht nur die wunderbare Frühlingssonne, die mich inspiriert hat, diese zwei kleinen Bildchen mit meinen geliebten Häuschen zu bemalen, sondern auch meine Schwester, die diese Woche Geburtstag hatte. Ich habe diese zwei kleinen Bilder für sie gemalt damit sie weiß, wie sehr ich ihr sonniges Gemüt liebe, das mir auch bisweilen hilft, die Schatten hinter mir zu lassen. 

In English this quote from Africa means: 

Turn your face to the sun and you will leave the shadow behind you. 

Well, and not only the first sunny days of spring inspired me to paint these two little pictures with my beloved little houses but also my sister who had her birthday this week.
I painted the pictures for her as a birthday present since with these little colorful pictures I wanted to let her know how much I love her sunny nature that helped me too, to leave the shadows behind me.  

P.S. I will link this post to APR and the Sunday Sketches and send my very best wishes to Jen whose birthday is today. 




  1. Hallo Stefanie, beide Teile sind so wunderschön, Deine Schwester hat sich bestimmt sehr gefreut.
    LG Anja

  2. I enjoy your bright, colourful houses by the sea, and particularly the curly smoke rising into the sky. I wish I could be there today.
    I have not heard the African quote before, but it is so true, and so good to remember.

  3. Visiting from the APR - Lovely houses indeed. I bet your sister is thrilled to bits with them,and I'm sure they brighten Jenn's birthday week too :0)) Mo

  4. I love house siluettes! I should try it myself!

  5. your little houses are adorable, what a wonderful gift!

  6. these are so pretty and bright....i really love your style!!

  7. I love these bright, happy paintings. And "I wanted to let her know how much I love her sunny nature that helped me too, to leave the shadows behind me." Is just about the nicest thing I've heard someone say about another person!

  8. your sister will love these I am sure and they are gloriously sunny... love them ...xx

  9. What beautiful vibrant little houses Stephanie. They remind me of silk painting. The colours are brilliant. I bet your sister was so thrilled with them.
    I've missed entering into APR but hope to be back soon :D

  10. Oh! What cute, adorable houses! Your sis is so lucky to get such a bright, sunny birthday greeting! It does send all shadows fleeing!

  11. your houses are so sweet i just love them! I also love the bright yellow and other colors! Your sister is very blessed to have you! I'm also a new follower. Happy SS!

  12. what sweet little houses you create, so happy and cheerful!

  13. You created a colorful village. I want to move right in. I imagine your sister is going to be delighted with her gift.



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