Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

More from the piglets

As I do not want to hide the rest of the piglet's story  from you, which I recently posted here please find now the second part of the adventure ... 

You will probably remember that the piglets have stolen the baby carriage and used it for themselves. Well ... unfortunately they lost control of it because they couldn't find the brake, so they tumbled down the slope crashed into the cow, were catapulted into the air and finally landed beside a tree.

Oh no, ... it was so painful ... and at the same time, there was suddenly thunder in the air and the piglets were so very scared and regretted all the nonsense they made before.

So they took an oath to compensate all the trouble they caused and suddenly ...

... the farmer, the farmer's wife, the cow, the cock and even the baby came to pick up the piglets and took them back home ...

... and after they had compensated all the trouble ...

... the farmer's family invited them for a little nonsense they should do alltogether

And believe me ... they had so much fun!


P.S. I will link it to the Sunday Sketches


  1. Beautiful and funny pictures, thank you for stopping by at my blog. Have a great weekend.

  2. this is very cute!! i love all of the characters you have drawn.

  3. Great continuation of the little pigs adventure! little pigs are so sweet!

  4. Wow...brilliant..such a fantastical adventure..your art is so fun and magical..sweet little piglets..adorable!
    Happy Sunday Sketches!

  5. wonderful story & drawing. the baby's awfully cute!

    hope you have a sweet day.

  6. Love your story and your amazing illustrations! AWESOME!

  7. Your drawing is fabulous.Love every picture here.

  8. Lovely story wonderfully illustrated! So much character!


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