Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

Top 7 - Week 26

Also this week I have collected my TOPs of the week and as you can see I am currently highly motivated to spray paint these two old shabby storage benches. I will of course show you the outcome soon. (Hopefully the outcome will match with my idea how it should look like afterwards ... as there is always a certain difference between planning and realizing something ... but I'm sure you will have your own experiences on this ... )

 ... and here I proudly present my finished pillow case. (I presented the beginning in my TOPs three weeks ago).

... these little, lovely surprises I discover sometimes when I take a walk ...

... this impressive mill wheel when I recently went on a bicycle tour ...

... currently always tired. 
I think it depends on our crazy weather. Sometimes we have 38°C and the other day 18°C ...  

... well meanwhile you will probably know that good food is one of my favourite dreams ... this week my great desire was a "Wurschtsalat" (sausage salad)  ...

My brother always cycles to work very early in the morning and sometimes he stops to take a picture and sends it to me together with an early-morning-WhatsApp-message. He sent me this lovely picture a few days ago what made me feel very well when I started my day.

I hope you all are well too!
See you soon



  1. A super beautiful post...full of inspiration and beauty and fun! Gorgeous images..and that is so cool your brother sends you pictures..stunning image! Wishing you a fantastic summery day!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed my virtual walk with you, and bike ride with your brother, through this gorgeous photograph collection. Blessings!

  3. lovely list! Thoughtful brother!

  4. i love seeing your Top things for the week. Have a great weekend.


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