Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013

Top 7 - Week 28

I need a little break due to a few appointments I have with my dentist, with the weeds in my garden, with the washing machine and with a lot of other points I have on my to-do-list since weeks ...
By the way, I have really spray painted my old shabby storage benches as already mentioned in my previous Top 7‘s … BUT … there is always a „BUT“ isn‘t it?
… well they look great, … but they do not match with the entire room the way I expected them to look like … so I bought a different color today and will try it a second time ... I will show you the details in one of my next posts.
... this beautiful view I have currently during lunchtime on the patio of our canteenisn‘t that lovely???  
 Sometimes I love my day job
I saw them in our local garden centre and couldn't resist to take a picture ...

I feel a bit dizzy currently as so many thoughts and ideas are going round and round and round in my head ... I am sure, some of you will know this ...

... and one of these thoughts is for example the idea to paint all these lovely old houses near my home town ... I'm really dreaming of that ...

... therefore I will also spend some time crocheting for the sorting of my thoughts.

 See you soon after my break!


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  1. Lovely images - gorgeous lavender and I love your crochet blanket, so pretty. Have a good break - I have a similar list of things to do too. :)


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