Montag, 19. August 2013

I forgot how to paint

This is incredible but it's true! I have finally started my holidays and I wanted to take all the time in the world to make my dreams come true and paint twentyfour hours a day but I can't. I can not paint anymore although I could do it whenever I want to. As soon as I hold a pen in hand I have the feeling I'm all fingers and thumbs.
Have you already experienced this too? 
However, I'm fortunately still able to use the camera of my Iphone ;)
So as you can see, instead of painting I went on a little bicycle tour and was looking for my muse to return to me. Namely very soon because of my current holidays and not afterwards ... if possible   

Wirklich, es ist unglaublich, aber es ist wahr. Jetzt haben doch tatsächlich meine langersehnten Ferien angefangen und ich habe alle Zeit dieser Welt um meine Träume zu verwirklichen und vierundzwanzig Stunden am Tag zu malen, so wie ich mir das schon immer gewünscht habe, aber ich kann nicht. Ich kann nicht mehr malen, obwohl ich es jetzt tun könnte wann auch immer ich Lust dazu hätte. Aber sobald ich einen Stift oder einen Pinsel in der Hand halte, habe ich das Gefühl nur noch zwei linke Hände zu besitzen und nie zuvor in meinem Leben einen Stift geschweige denn einen Pinsel in der Hand gehabt zu haben. 
Hat das jemand von Euch vielleicht auch schon zufällig mal erlebt?
Glücklicherweise kann ich die Kamera meines Iphones noch bedienen ;) 
Und wie man sehen kann, bin ich folglich ein bißchen geradelt, anstatt stundenlang zu malen und habe allüberall nach meiner Muse gesucht und sie gebeten, doch bitte noch möglichst während meines Urlaubs zu mir zurück zu kommen und nicht erst danach.



  1. I wonder if you have managed to paint something by now? You have my sympathy regarding the dreaded "artist's block", I experience it often. My "poppies" pictures began in the same frame of mind. My own theory is that sometimes we all expect too much of ourselves, especially if we have busy lives with jobs etc. Then we go on holiday for a break and expect to relax and create. We are in a new, beautiful place with lots of subjects, yet nothing happens. Sometimes there are too many subjects, too much stimulus and we fail because of this. Try shutting it all out and just doodle. Then there is no pressure or clutter in our minds and then that wavy line you drew becomes a stream, Those brushstrokes become a line of trees, those random wet splashes become clouds. I'm not an expert on these things but it works for me. Lovely photos, what a beautiful place!!!

    1. Kev, your comment is wonderful and arrived exactly at the right time! Many, many thanks for your wise and helpful words. I read them already more than once and will read them again and again until such time as I'll hold a pen in hand again. (Currently I have replaced my pen and paintbrush with a crochet hook and instead of my water colors I use my colored yarn). I like the idea of simple doodles that becomes streams and trees and clouds very much :) Many thanks again! Also for the lovely comment on my photographs!

  2. I think the thing to do is NOT PANIC!
    Easy for me to say because I'm suffering exactly the same thing. I've been taking so many photos and have accumulated masses of material and inspiration lately but can't seem to get it out onto paper. It's all brilliant in my head, but my hands refuse to play! :$
    I agree with what Kev has written above and will try to take his advice.

    Good luck Stefanie...just enjoy your holiday for now and I'm sure we'll both get there sooner or later :D
    Your photographs are brilliant. It looks a stunning area.


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