Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

I love it to remember ...

... these beautiful days we spent in the mountains last month.
I'm back in my office and it's raining outside today and the colors of the trees look different. The green is changing to become a yellow or a red ... and nature tells me today: summer is over ...
... and so I love it to remember these beautiful days!

Es sind ja so schöne Erinnerungen an diese wundervollen Tage, die wir letzten Monat in den Bergen verbracht haben. Inzwischen bin ich wieder zurück im Büro und es regnet und die Farben der Bäume draußen, haben sich verändert.  Das satte Grün wird hier und da schon ein bißchen gelb und da und dort schon ein bißchen rot und Mutter Natur flüstert mir heute zu: Der Sommer ist vorbei ... 
Ein Glück gibt es diese schönen Erinnerungen an diese wundervollen Tage.



  1. these photos are beautiful. I especially like the church with the sunlight peaking through the leaves!! very nice!

    a rainy day sounds nice...we have been so hot and dry here! i'm looking forward to some cooler fall weather. hopefully soon!

  2. You are obviously a very good photographer and these are some lovely images of summer. It is raining and dull here too and the summer is over, our tomato crop has refused to ripen and they are still green, but I love Autumn and winter with their colour and atmosphere. I look forward to walking out with a sketchbook when I am better and seeing nature in a different light.


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