Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Some people for my houses

According to my sensationel horoscope last week, promising a lot of love floating from Venus in my direction (I mentioned that in my previous post) I really met some adorable whimsy people I immediately felt in love with. I have invited them to live in my little whimsy houses and take part in the whimsy street scene canvas I am currently planning.
I hope you'll like them too.

Im Hinblick auf mein sensationelles Horoskop von letzter Woche, das mir so vielversprechende Prophezeiungen im Hinblick auf die Liebe gemacht hat, die derzeit von Venus angeblich ununterbrochen in meine Richtung fließt, (ich hatte in meinem vorhergehenden Post darüber geschrieben) habe ich kurz darauf tatsächlich ganz reizende und bezaubernde Personen getroffen, in die ich mich auf Anhieb verliebt habe. Ich habe sie eingeladen, in meinen kleinen Häusern zu wohnen und später dann auch mal die Rollen der Spaziergänger in meiner geplanten Canvas-Stadt zu übernehmen.
Ich hoffe, Ihr mögt sie auch.

I bin de Resi!
I am Resi!

I bin da Franzl.
I am Franzl.

I bin de Susi!
I am Susi!

... und i bin da Wastl ...
... and I am Wastl ...

I will link it to the Sunday Sketches too.
A happy Sunday to all of you!

Ich verlinke das jetzt noch mit den Sunday Sketches und wünsche einen schönen Sonntag!



  1. What fun people to illustrate and well done! I'm looking forward to the october festivals in my little town (which your resy and franzl reminded me of).

    visiting from sunday sketches.

  2. Cute drawings, whimsical family! Happy Sunday! <3

  3. When I look at your family and the wonderful house they live in I see a book appearing. I can just imagine all of the wonderful adventures they would have. They all look like they would be so much fun to know. Your work is beautiful. I love all of the details that you include.

  4. delightful addition to your whimsical neighbourhood!

  5. oh, these are great!! i love your little looks like my pup!

  6. Ihre Kunst it's schön! I love these characters

  7. Your characters are so fun and sweet! Love the vibrant style, very cute! Happy SS!

  8. Stefanie, this really made me smile! LOVE this and your doggie is adorable. :)

  9. How delightful meeting all the people and dog in your whimsical neighbourhood.
    I can see this is going to be such fun as it develops.
    They just make you smile with their vibrant colours and bright characters :D
    Have a wonderful week. xoxo

  10. These delightful characters seem to have real personality and I love your drawing style here. It's great to see you bursting with ideas. Lovely work Stefanie!!!!


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