Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2013

Before & After in my craft room

Schon seit längerem hab' ich mit der Idee geliebäugelt, mein ganz privates Bastelzimmer, in dem (bis auf die blauen Kommoden, die ich im Frühling gestrichen habe), seither nur ein paar vernachlässigte Möbel stehen, noch ein bißchen weiter zu bemalen.
Und neulich habe ich es dann auch tatsächlich riskiert ...

For quite some time now I'm flirting with the idea to color my private craft room a bit more as up to now there are only some neglected furniture in it (except the blue dresser I painted in April).
So recently I have really taken the risk ...

Das hier ist VORHER:
This is BEFORE:

Und hier geht's los ...
And this was the start ...

Und das ist NACHHER:
And this is AFTER:

BEFORE                                                                      AFTER

 Und als nächstes könnte ich mir dann den Teppich vornehmen, oder?
What do you think about the carpet? Should I attack it with some color too?



  1. oh, i love all the bright, bold colors!! very nice :)

    about the carpet? i don't know if I would be that brave….too afraid I would mess it up.

    1. Thank you so much for this cheerful comment! With regard to the carpet I think I will not be that brave too, but I assume that, as soon as I will start painting my canvas there, I will mess it up anyway and so sooner or later it will be full of color ...

  2. The furniture looks great!! I would say that as yellow and green are my two favourite colours. I must confess, I'm a bit jealous that you have a whole room for crafts. I will have to speak to my wife about this!!

    1. Thank you very much Kev, for this lovely comment. Don't be jealous because of this room I have for my crafts. I am also jealous if people have all day time to create (because I do not have it due to my day job) so maybe I have to speak to my husband and my boss about this some time ...

  3. I'm in love with your new room. The colours are fantastic, I love bright and they are just perfect. Now I'm looking at my boring furniture, it's melamine so I can't paint it...or can I? (grin).
    Have a great day and I'm sure you will create fabulous things in that room.

  4. Hello Stefanie, it's been great visiting you here, I love color so I think your furniture looks fabulous! So bright and happy! Thanks for your kind comment, have a colorful and happy week-end!
    Hugs Kat xx

  5. This looks amazing in those bright colours... they look so fresh and inspiring.. I have a tiny studio so stick with white and rely on work on the walls to give me shots of colour so I am completely jealous of you and your glorious yellow table... stunning...xx

  6. Wow! The new pop of colors look great! So fresh and inspiring!

  7. I LOVE IT! The room looks so more fun and inviting. As to your question, yes, I think you should do a pattern on the rug that coordinates with the pillow. Some of your mandalas would look great. Blessings!


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