Sonntag, 3. November 2013

Mandala Christmas Tags

As you can see, I am still sketching mandalas ...  and dreaming of more mandalas, visualizing mandalas all day, thinking of mandalas all night, experimenting with mandalas, whenever there is time, cutting out mandalas, using them for christmas tags and link it to the Sunday Sketches :)

Wie man sehen kann, zeichne ich immer noch Mandalas ... und träume von noch mehr Mandalas und stelle mir den ganzen Tag Mandalas vor und denke die ganze Nacht an Mandalas und experimentiere mit Mandalas, wann immer ich ein bißchen Zeit dafür finde. Schneide sie aus, mache Geschenkeanhänger daraus und verlinke das mit den  Sunday Sketches :)

Have a nice Sunday!
Ich wünsche einen schönen Sonntag!



  1. Your mandalas are so gorgeous..very the intricate details and wonderfully expressive colors and designs....pure magic! Fantastic creations!
    Happy Sunday Sketches
    Victoria,pencil and wing

  2. Oh my goodness! Your mandala tags are absolutely beautiful. I love each and every one of them they are so creative and magical!!!!

  3. These are beautiful and make perfect gift tags.. :)

  4. Your mandalas are beautiful. I could hear the passion for mandalas in your words and see it in your gift tags.

  5. wow, the colors really pop on your sketches! love them! xo

  6. Oh, I love these! Prettiest Christmas tags EVER! xo, janice

  7. Hallo Stefanie,

    I love these Christmas Tags!! Beautiful work.
    Have a great week ahead!


  8. Delightful colours and designs and so much better than shop bought ones. Friends and family who recieve presents from you are very fortunate because you make the effort with these personal touches. It makes a big difference!!!

    1. Vielen Dank für die netten Komplimente, Kev :)

  9. I absolutely LOVE your Christmas tags. They're fabulous, with just the right amount of vibrant colors! Well done! :)


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