Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

Bunte Kisten - SOC week 3

Ooohhh ... I have to hurry up for my SOC week 3 entry before Mr. Linky will close. Therefore not many words today ... I hope you can see, that I have embellished two shoeboxes. They keep my stuff now and my shelf looks much better now ... I think ...

I'm looking forward to visit all your SOC entries now ...
see you soon


Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

Top 7 - Week 26

Also this week I have collected my TOPs of the week and as you can see I am currently highly motivated to spray paint these two old shabby storage benches. I will of course show you the outcome soon. (Hopefully the outcome will match with my idea how it should look like afterwards ... as there is always a certain difference between planning and realizing something ... but I'm sure you will have your own experiences on this ... )

 ... and here I proudly present my finished pillow case. (I presented the beginning in my TOPs three weeks ago).

... these little, lovely surprises I discover sometimes when I take a walk ...

... this impressive mill wheel when I recently went on a bicycle tour ...

... currently always tired. 
I think it depends on our crazy weather. Sometimes we have 38°C and the other day 18°C ...  

... well meanwhile you will probably know that good food is one of my favourite dreams ... this week my great desire was a "Wurschtsalat" (sausage salad)  ...

My brother always cycles to work very early in the morning and sometimes he stops to take a picture and sends it to me together with an early-morning-WhatsApp-message. He sent me this lovely picture a few days ago what made me feel very well when I started my day.

I hope you all are well too!
See you soon


Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

Orange & Pink - SOC week 2

Orange and hot-pink, this week's Summer of Color prompt, is really a hot color combination. Additional we had a very hot week here in Germany after the heavy rain during the last month.
So I had to cool down a little bit and therefore painted some mandala-flowers. A mandala always brings me back to earth.

Orange und Hot-Pink ist die Summer of Color Farbkombi für diese Woche. Also eine heiße Farbkombi ... außerdem hatten wir eine echt heiße Woche hier. Nach dem vielen, kalten Regen im vergangenen Monat kam das ja fast ein bißchen plötzlich. Folglich hat's Ende der Woche dann doch ein bißchen Abkühlung gebraucht und das Mandala malen kühlt meinen erhitzten Geist immer. Garantiert.

Have a nice weekend - und noch ein schönes Wochenende!


Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

More from the piglets

As I do not want to hide the rest of the piglet's story  from you, which I recently posted here please find now the second part of the adventure ... 

You will probably remember that the piglets have stolen the baby carriage and used it for themselves. Well ... unfortunately they lost control of it because they couldn't find the brake, so they tumbled down the slope crashed into the cow, were catapulted into the air and finally landed beside a tree.

Oh no, ... it was so painful ... and at the same time, there was suddenly thunder in the air and the piglets were so very scared and regretted all the nonsense they made before.

So they took an oath to compensate all the trouble they caused and suddenly ...

... the farmer, the farmer's wife, the cow, the cock and even the baby came to pick up the piglets and took them back home ...

... and after they had compensated all the trouble ...

... the farmer's family invited them for a little nonsense they should do alltogether

And believe me ... they had so much fun!


P.S. I will link it to the Sunday Sketches

Freitag, 14. Juni 2013

My funny piglets & SOC week 1

Today, I was so lucky because by pure chance I found a very, very old draft of a little story about two funny piglets making a lot of nonsense. I created that little story for my nephews and nieces in 1997. And fortunately a few of the pictures matches exactly the Summer of Color week-one-specification Citron Green & Turquoise  ...

I am eager to see all your inspiring SOC entries now ...

Enjoy the weekend!


Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

Top 7 - Week 24

 As already mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have started collecting my "TOPs OF THE WEEK". This means joyable things, things I like, things I plan, things I am proud of and so on ...
This week I plan to finally finish my photo-book of our trip to Madrid in October 2011. 
Yes I know, it took me a long time from October 2011 until now, ... however, this is a good reason to finally finish it ...

... this week I am proud of the fact that I have indeed assembled my new little IKEA drawer cabinet and my new desk. Last week both of them only consisted of individual parts.

 ... this week's highlight, ... and yes I really love it, is the wonderful "SUMMER OF COLOR" event, hosted by Kristin. Have a look on her blog and see ...

 ... I saw these whimsical, colorful flowers made of sheet metal in my favourite shop (OBI) where I always buy my supplies. They inspired me somehow ...

 ... I felt always hungry last week ... and the pictures show a yummy yummy Mexican Cactus Salad and Mexican Cheese Wraps we prepared in a Mexican cookery course.

 I have already mentioned that in my last TOP 7s that I am sometimes dreaming of writing a novel. So what a surprise when I found this book with the auspicious title: "A NOVEL IN A YEAR - A NOVELIST'S GUIDE TO BEING A NOVELIST ". Yes, unfortunately it looks a bit spotty because I forgot it outside on the table in my garden last night ...

And the WELL-BEING-TOP of this week is my favourite Garden-Center where I always forget all my worries ...

Enjoy the week!


Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

Chicken's talk

I made an experiment and combined the chickens from my easter-post with the landscape from my 1st whimsical exercise and the ladies from another whimsical exercise and added my beloved little houses.

I will link it to the Sunday Sketches (as far as I am not too late ...)

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