Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Whimsical Progress - Part two

If you remember my WHIMSICAL DECEMBER DREAM, the beginning of a canvas painting, you probably might want to know something about the progress. Well ... meanwhile I have finished the hairdresser's shop ... 

Wenn sich noch jemand an mein WHIMSICAL DECEMBER DREAM Bild, den Anfang eines Acrylbildes auf Canvas erinnert, möchte man ja vielleicht auch wissen inwiefern das Werk inzwischen fortgeschritten ist. Also, ... mittlerweile habe ich den Frisörsalon vollendet ...

... next I met my two whimsical ladies, (you might know them from my whimsical people post last year) who went for shopping ...

... als nächstes habe ich die beiden drolligen Damen getroffen ( vielleicht kennt der eine oder andere sie aus meinem whimsical people post vom letzten Jahr). Die Beiden sind grade unterwegs beim shoppen ...

... and suddenly it started to snow in my whimsical town ...

... und dann hat es in meiner kleinen Stadt angefangen zu schneien ...

... a lovely old lady who cultivates cacti, is looking out the window now ...

... eine liebenswürdige alte Dame, die Kakteen züchtet, schaut inzwischen aus dem Fenster ...

 ... and as well, I met "Carlos" (he comes also from my whimsical people post last year), who is currently on his way to the newspaper shop ...

... und außerdem habe ich auch noch "Carlos" getroffen, (ebenfalls aus meinem whimsical people post vom letzten Jahr), der grade auf dem Weg zum Zeitungsladen ist ...

I will link it to the Sunday Sketches and PPF and see you soon.



  1. Your hairdressers shop is so qute. and I like the story of the whimsical ladys. What happens now, when Carlos is coming. We will see it next time perhpaps...

  2. I love the little kitty in the bright window and the two ladies in the Salon. Brings back memories of when I'd tag along with my Mom while she got her hair done. Such happiness in your painting:) visiting from SS.

  3. What a wonderful walk you've shared! Cute street. ^.^

  4. Ist das schön, liebe Stefanie! Ich bin total begeistert von Deinem Bild und Deinen herrlichen Geschichten!
    Viele liebe Grüße zu Dir!

  5. Your painted neighborhood is coming along beautifully. I also love the angles in which you've shot the pictures, because it makes it feel like the viewer is actually walking through it. Happy New Year, my friend!

  6. your paintings are so cute! love the fun colors and the people! Here is the link for the class I took that you asked about: Let me know if you take the class! xo

  7. You make me happy with your fresh and bright colours! And the stars that you recieved as precent. How beautyful!

  8. Your work is absolutely delightful to see. It always makes me smile alot! Thank you for sharing with us again. I just adore the little curtains in the windows. :)

  9. this is really nice! I love all the little details you are adding

  10. This is such a fun piece. I love all the detail and the colors are fabulous. Well done.

    1. Love love love this painting and the colours - so wonderful!

      Happy SS

  11. Eine herrliche Bildergeschichte! Danke für die Führung durch deine kleine Stadt, die ist traumhaft!


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