Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

Beloved Mandala Drawing ...

Happy Mandala Sunday!


  1. Mir gefallen die Vögel und die Farben besonders, und es passt doch schön zum kommenden Valentinstag!
    Einen schönen Rest-Sonntag wünsche ich dir noch.
    LG Claudia

  2. beautiful color palette!! so spring-like :)

  3. This is so bright and pretty that it makes me feel happy. Thank you for sharing your inner peace with the world. Blessings!

  4. That mandala is so sweet .... Lovely colourcombination too!

  5. A very nice design as always Stephanie, I think you are pretty much an expert in these!! The grafitti in your last post was very interesting, great photography too!! Here in the U.K. grafitti is often seen as vandalism which I've never understood. As long as it's not on a beautiful building and is not offensive, it can really brighten up a run-down area. It's an art form in it's own right. Thank you for sharing your walks!!

    1. Kev, many thanks for stopping by and leaving this pleasant comment! And yes, I see it as you do, as long as Grafitti is not on a beautiful building it brightens up a grey and boring wall. Long time ago I worked for a fashion company and they engaged some grafitti artists who embellished a lot of walls inside the building with grafitti art. This look was so stylish and fantastic.

  6. A very happy, cute mandala! Its full of positive energy.


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