Mittwoch, 5. März 2014

Istanbul Inspiration

Recently I started to de-clutter my PC and found my pictures I took in Istanbul. This city is incredible as there is amazing inspiration everywhere. You'll find it in it's history, it's architecture, it's lifestyle and food and of course in the "GRAND BAZAAR" ...  and these pictures are only a very, very small fraction of what I have seen there two years ago but a wonderful memory and inspiration.  



  1. oh those pictures are amazing, this is on my bucket list, the colors are breath taking

  2. what wonderful colour and vibrancy you have captured in your photos! I've actually been to Istanbul and loved it.

  3. love your photos!! so colorful. it looks like some place I'd like to go. but i better save my money … i'll want to buy everything at the bazaar!!


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