Montag, 1. Dezember 2014

Aztec pattern christmas balls

Hopefully I had my last visit at the dentist today and the exhausting project has been finished now provided that everything will proceed according to plan! For my private pleasure between work and dentist visits I created some christmas balls embellished with aztec pattern. By the way, if you type in "aztec pattern" in google and look for the pictures to come you will discover a fantastic universe full of inspiration made from these simple shapes. I also found a lovely two minutes tutorial on youtube I'm sharing here.
Perhaps you might have as much fun doing this as I had. 
Now I have to recover a little bit and have to concentrate on the last fourteen working days in the office this year and will therefore take a little blog break. I will then have some more time to visit your blogs and will see you there and return before christmas.



  1. beautiful work on these patterns! Great that you will have a break!

  2. Love those patterns as well as the palette you chose to embellish them ~ lovely color ... and creation!
    Take care and I hope that your dental woes are behind you. :)

  3. beautiful patterns!! ugh...i hate going to the fun at all.

  4. Your Aztec patterns are fabulous, love the neatness and the rows, and then the way you have cut them into circles.
    Thanks for the video link, it was very interesting, making these patterns looks quite relaxing..

  5. Schön sind deine Weihnachtskugeln geworden, die Muster sehen toll aus! Besonders gefallen mir aber auch die Schatten hinter den Kugeln und der Hintergrund mit den Flocken. Danke für den Link, mit diesen Mustern hat man ja vielfältige Möglichkeiten!
    LG Claudia


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