Donnerstag, 19. März 2015

Tulips in Istanbul

No, I'm not in Istanbul ... I'm sitting in front of my PC looking for some spring inspiration and came across these pictures I took in Istanbul a few years ago. I thought I'll share them here as this city is not only full of tulips in spring but also full of inspiration. I learned as well that the first tulips in Europe came from Turkey and not from the Netherlands as I thought before.
Their name refers to the turkish word "tülbend" which describes originally the turban (the ottoman headgear).
Some time I have to go back to Istanbul and spend some more days there but now I have to go to bed.



  1. Beautiful tulips, I don't think of Istanbul for tulips!

  2. i didn't know that about tulips!! they have to be one of the prettiest flowers, I think! But where I live, they only bloom for such a short time.

  3. Herrliche Tulpenaufnahmen ..und wieder was gelernt... ich war vor ewigen Zeiten im Mai in Istanbul... keinerlei Erinnerung ob ich da Tulpen gesehen habe,....
    ich hab Türkische Tauben als Gäste ab und an im Garten seit heuer ... hab ich auch erst kürzlich herausgefunden dass die so heissen....
    schönes Wochenende!

  4. I am officially jealous I have always wanted to visit Istanbul , I love the flowers, tulips are one of my favourites

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! And I also had a long look at the beautyful trees. They look so different from ours, with small spots on them in several colors. Amazing. I´ve never been to Istanbul. But I´m sure it is a beautyful city.

  6. I did not know that! Wow! I have always wanted to visit Istanbul although I never would have expected beautiful tulips to be adorning the city!

  7. Thanks for the lovely spring-time tulips, I love tulips. I think I will look at the tulips here instead of going to Istanbul tonight.


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