Donnerstag, 3. September 2015

Some more doodle flowers

No more holidays and I'm really back to work since monday. For my pleasure after work this week I spent some time drawing doodle flowers and read an interesting article on wikipedia about doodles.
Did you know that according to this article doodling helps focussing on a current situation and that doodlers recall 29% more of information than non-doodlers?
And that a lot of famous people, e.g. Alexander Pushkin and Queen Louise of Prussia did it as well as Mathematician Stanislaw Ulam who developed the Ulam spiral for visualization of prime numbers while doodling during a boring presentation at a mathematics conference?*
Well this is a good reason to keep on doodling during the forthcoming meetings, isn't it? 

Doodle page from me :)



  1. Eine wunderschöne Doodle-Seite ist das geworden: die Farben, die Blumen - einfach zauberhaft!

  2. Wunderschön sind deine Doodleblumen! Die Farben wieder so fröhlich, klasse! Auch die beiden anderen Bilder habe ich mir sehr genau angeschaut, ich finde das immer super interessant was andere so gemacht haben ;)
    Ein schönes Wochenende liebe Stefanie
    ♡liche Grüße Claudia


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