Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

Orange flowers

I felt the strong need to use warm colors due to the cold weather outside so I did the flowers in orange with a brown background. Indeed it's really difficult to take good pictures of my orange flowers as my camera seems not to be compatible with the combination of orange and brown. That means in reality the colors are more bright and vibrant.
I will link it to the Sunday Sketches and see you there!

Im Hinblick auf das ungemütliche Wetter draußen hatte ich ein großes Bedürfnis nach warmen Farben und hab' folglich meine Blümschen in Orange und den Hintergrund in Braun ausgemalt. Die entsprechenden Photos davon zu machen, war dann allerdings nicht so leicht. Irgendwie scheint mein Photoapparat  Orange und Braun nicht besonders zu mögen.
Also langer Rede kurzer Sinn, in Wirklichkeit sind die Farben ein bißchen bunter als hier.



  1. Such beautiful flowers. I love the combination of realistic and whimsy!!

  2. your style of art in gorgeous. I TOTALLY LOVE it How lucky Alexandra is to have you. so glad I saw this too. If this is even more vibrant in real life, I can't imagine how stunning it must be. LOVE your whimsical line art. Stefanie, you really are quite inspiring. Truly.

  3. Oh those are wonderful! These are so gorgeous! My camera has problems with certain colors and my scanner with others...

  4. I love the colours! The orange and brown are a bit muted but it's still a lovely effect!

  5. Die Fotos sehen so auch schon super aus, aber ich stell mir das jetzt bunter vor und das macht noch mehr gute Laune! Sehr schön sind die Blumen geworden!
    Eine schöne Woche wünsche ich dir
    ♥liche Grüße Claudia

  6. This is like some exotic fabric. It's a great drawing. The black and white circle flowers and the little leaves are just perfect together with the large flowers.

  7. Sehr hübsch! Tolle Farbkombi. Gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut!

  8. Stefanie, this is absolutely beautiful! Oh my gosh, your paintings just seem to grow and grow! I love the golden yellow of these. Your photography really enhances their beauty. :)

  9. such a lovely and cheerful piece.
    i so enjoy all your details.
    some colors really are hard to portray with a camera or scanner.

  10. This is stunning, and I love the pop of color and intricate, patterned flowers against the subdued brown background!


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