Sonntag, 17. April 2016

Gouache painting - The tightrope artist

Yesterday I have really finished the gouache painting I worked on for the last two weeks and I hope you'll like it.

See you at the Sunday Sketches!

Tatsächlich ist gestern das Bild fertig geworden, an dem ich die vergangenen zwei Wochen gemalt habe.



  1. It is so lovely Stefanie, so pretty and creative and totally your style!

  2. Beautiful!! I always love all the details you add to your drawings/paintings.

  3. Herrlich deine neuen Zeichnungen. Ich liebe diese fröhlichen Bilder mit den schönen leuchtenden Farben.
    Ein AUGENschmaus für mich :-)

    herzlichst Sophie

  4. I enjoy your wok so much, its beautiful, fun, colorful and tells a story!

  5. I love your cityscapes, because they're always so colorful and they tell a story. Blessings, my friend!

  6. Everything about your painting is wonderful. The colors, people, buildings. The whole scene is so animated. The attention to detail looks like a lot of work, but makes it charming.

  7. Ich liebe deine Bilder mit den ganzen Details, da spielt sich vor meinen Augen eine wunderbare Geschichte ab. Einfach bewundernswert!
    ♥lich Claudia

  8. This is pretty amazing with all the details and the lovely all-over picture which tells a story. The cleaning lady is wonderful with her floral pinafore and splashy bucket of water, and I love all the different windows with the cat at the window, and the birds on the roof. The lady with the purple coat and green hat is fun, and of course the tightrope walker is balanced so precariously between the houses.
    Really fine work, Stefanie.

  9. Gorgeous! I love all the details in your picture and the fact that you are also sharing some of your sketches that led to the final piece. Ich finde es ist immer toll nachzuvollziehen wie ein Künstler zum Kunstwerk gelangt.


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