Sonntag, 14. August 2016

Morning doodles

Again some morning doodles to share with the Sunday Sketches and I'm still missing my iMac ... up to now nobody could find a clear reason for the permanent dropouts ... but thanks to my husband again for lending me his PC :)



  1. All of your morning doodles are wonderful. So sorry you iMac is still on the blink. That is oh, so frustrating. You created wonderful flower and animal doodles. The flowers are my favorites. I really enjoy seeing your work. genie

  2. Your sketches are terrific and now I know how to draw a cow and a chicken, and what a sweet cow and chicken too.
    I like all your sketches here.

  3. Wonderful sketches and I especially like your mandala. Are you drawing it freehand or are you using a protractor. I am having such a hard time getting my circles to suit me. I try to do one a week, but my circles are not improving. Am do frustrated. Your chickens remind me of my Crazy Chicken quilt I made for my son for his 45th birthday. Love them. genie

  4. Ooooohhhhh die sind ja süß, alle sind süß und das mit vergiss es ist auch süß! So!!! Mir gefallen gerade diese "doodles" da sie einfach frei und locker sind, das bekommt man dann im richtigen Bild gar nicht mehr so hin. Ich finde sie toll!!!


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