Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017

Some more I-CADs

For the time being I have finished a small set of index cards each with a helpful thought for the day. Additionally I made a small box from colored cardstock to keep the cards safe which is very handy.
See you at the Sunday Sketches.

P.S. Apologize for not responding to all of you but I had to solve some issues with my teeth and spent two tough days at the dentist last week.

Sodele, für's erste ist das kleine Set mit hilfreichen Index Karten jetzt fertig. Zur Aufbewahrung derselben habe ich noch eine kleine Schachtel aus bunter Pappe gebastelt und das ganze ist jetzt schön handlich und mein Beitrag zu den Sunday Sketches diese Woche.

P.S. Nachdem ich letzte Woche zwei mühsame Tage beim Zahnarzt verbracht habe, bitte ich es zu entschuldigen, dass ich nicht überall zum Antworten gekommen bin.



  1. This is a precious box of iCads, love them all

  2. Glad you survived the dentist, not fun

  3. Your cards and box are so springy and fun ... I would never have thought you were suffering a bought with the dentist. Sorry, there is nothing worse that dental pain. Hope all is well now :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. I LOVE, LOVE all your cards! The people who receive them will be SOOO happy!! I DO understand about your dental problems. I've had many teeth issues over the years.
    Thanks for sharing your talents with us,
    Grandma Nancy in central IL

  5. Wow these are just wonderful! Definitely lots of details and lovely patterns beside the words to cheer one up!

  6. Was für ein wunderbares Projekt - die Karten sind großartig und in der schönen Schachtel zusammen sind sie etwas ganz BESONDERES!
    Schöne neue Woche!
    Lg Susi

  7. so pretty and colourful :D

    hope your teeth dont cause anymore problems

  8. those cards makes a very happy feeling. Light and bright. Give one to your dentist :)

  9. Your index cards are gorgeous! I love the box you made for them too. I hope your teeth issues are all fixed now. :)

  10. What a wonderful idea! I would have never thought of something like this and it's a perfect gift to a friend or family member. They're BEAUTIFUL!! :)

  11. Die Karten sind ja herrlich! So schöne Gedanken! Bin absolut begeistert!
    ♥lich Claudia

  12. Das sind wirklich wunderschöne Karten, so full of life and wisdom. I hope your days at the dentist are over and you are good again.

  13. Your cards are just stunning, Stefanie, I love the colours and designs. They all look so perfect with such a variety of patterns.
    I love your idea of making a box for them, it's lovely too.


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