Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

Lemon cake - another painted recipe

Do you remember my recipes project? Well I finally made another one as you can see here ...
 See you at the Sunday Sketches!



  1. Oh, I'll have a piece of that Lemon Cake, please!! :) It looks delicious, Stefanie!

  2. Your recipe card is beautiful! And now I have a craving for lemon cake.

  3. Your paintings for the recipe book are unique and beautiful. I would love to have a cookbook with those kinds of pages to look at.

  4. so very bright and colourful! :D perfect for lemon deserts :)

  5. Das ist wieder herrlich erfrischend! Die Farben die so toll leuchten, die Zeichnungen die einfach klasse sind! So und jetzt wäre ein Zitronenkuchen recht!
    ♥lich Claudia


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